Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Zodiac: Destiny's Celestial Cycle by Polly Patterson, Republished

First appearing as a series of articles in the now defunct publication Fashionable Dress, the popular series of articles concerning the twelve houses of the Zodiac were compiled into a book entitled: The Zodiac: Destiny's Celestial Cycle, in 1926 and published by the Fashionable Dress Publishing Company.

After eighty-five years, this scarce book is being offered - as of February 2011, as an ebook on all major ebook retail venues (Amazon, B&N, Lulu etc.) for only $1.99.

The author of both the book and the original magazine articles - Polly Patterson, gives us a unique understanding of the character traits of those born under each of the twelve astrological signs or houses. Held in high regard by ancient civilizations, astrological science was all but forgotten in the west since about the time of Christ. Practitioners in India kept astrological science alive during this dormant period lasting two millenia. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Astrology was rediscovered and transformed from a quaint superstition to a mainstream art/science. This book gives testimony to that fact.

If character truly foretells destiny, it matters not whether you were born into great wealth or poverty, your fate is pre-determined by destiny's celestial cycle: The Zodiac.
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